About Me

Hey everybody!

So if you’ve meandered onto this page, you’re probably looking to learn a little bit more about yours truly. Or maybe looking for embarrassing pictures, who knows?


So my name is Chris, and I’m a mid twenties guy from central New York state. 253340_3565603653430_1462714557_nYou know, the greener part with the rolling hills and dairy farms and the ability to see the sky when you look up. Yeah, that part.

I was born and raised there before hitting community college and then moving a whole hour away from home (crazy right?) for college at a nearby state university. After a hectic two years there and one crazy summer of “what am I going to do with my life?” I graduated with a degree in biology and a passion for teaching.

Shortly after that I took a summer job a nature center near my home, the same one I had went to camp at when I was ten, where I had learned about environmental education that fateful crazy summer before my senior year. The next step was hopping in my car and moving a thousand miles south to work with  a bunch of people I’d never met, in a state I’d never seen, doing a job I may or may not have been wholly prepared for.

After that? Well, a few thousand more miles of running, a couple more jobs, a few years of teaching under my belt and here I am… still not in central New York.

So either way, I hope we can get to know each other a little bit on here. Share some stories, memories, thoughts, and whatnot.

Heck, maybe we’ll run into each other someday.

PS – if you want to run into me, I like bars with craft beer, and parks with running water.



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