And so it Begins…

Here we go!

Today was our first full day with the campers we’ll have until Saturday. A mid-sized group of fifth and sixth graders (well… students that will be going into fifth and sixth, so in reality they’re fourth and fifth graders), and all of them seem to have…

*elevator music*

Sorry, had to go get them to quiet down a bit. Just barely before lights out so… kids will be kids, I guess. And its my night off to boot.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, as they say.

But as I was saying, they all seem to have big personalities. Which is all well and good, because our staff here all have pretty big personalities. The one I’m co-teaching with this week and I potentially have the largest of anyone, undoubtedly the largest combined…


Whatever that may say about me, ha


Either way, it was a solid day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


Hopefully my coworkers tired them out today.



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